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Carlsbad Cliffs Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are one of my favorite things to shoot because the love two people have for each other when they're freshly engaged is so evident that it would be hard to not capture that love.

And I love seeing how different couples exemplify their love. Emily and Neil's is light and silly, but at the same time you can tell how deeply they love one another when they're looking into each others' eyes. I mean, come on! Aren't they the sweetest?

The other thing about engagement sessions is that it's a break amid wedding planning to go on a date with your fiancé/e (and me hehe) and just spend some moments reliving what makes the two of you, you. I love it.

I love watching what couples do when I give them a prompt. There are so many ways we show love and that's why this never gets old. Everyone is different. Everyone has unique ways of nudging their person and saying, "I love you" in the way they talk, act, walk, etc.

My job is so cool because I get to focus on those little things so that you have them captured forever. I don't ever want you to forget what makes your love special.

So anyway. There's my little rant for the day. Emily and Neil and I went to the cliffs in Carlsbad to soak up some sun. We climbed down to the beach where the sun was peeking around the cliffs and ran through the water as the light dimmed. It was magical.

How will you love today?

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