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How to Prepare for an Engagement Session

Even after all my years of being a photographer, I still get shy in front of the camera. Something about being in the center of attention makes me lose any confidence in myself I had prior to being in the spotlight. But here's the thing: it doesn't have to be that way. I want you to be your truest, boldest, most joy-filled self when you're hanging out with me, so I'm making a quick list of tips and tricks to help you feel your best in front of the camera.

Step one: get on the phone with me, or let's meet up for coffee! I am a firm believer in the fact that the more time we spend together before your session, the more fun we'll have together. Now, to be honest, I have a hard time with small talk. But I love really getting to know people and having those deep conversations that that requires. I'm not saying let's go out for coffee and spill our entire life stories, but I am saying that I'm a great listener and would love to learn more about you. Photography is all about storytelling, and I can tell your story much more accurately to who you are if I know you just a little better. Plus, if you know me and my heart behind what I do, I really think it will be easier to trust me when I pose you! In conclusion: let's be friends. :)

Step two: Wear something you're comfortable in. Don't use this session to try a new style, trust me! If you wear something you feel gorgeous in, that confidence will show up in your photos. The same goes for your hair and makeup. And just a tip, if you aren't sure how to apply makeup that looks good in front of the camera, have a friend or a professional do it.

Step three: Most of my sessions are outside. That's just how I like it! I live for the outdoors and I love using the earth as my canvas in photography. There will always be the lake in Washington where I taught my brother how to swim, or the hidden ledge in Yosemite where I shared my life story with a friend while I lived there one summer. Some places just wrap us up and fill us up. So pick a spot that makes you feel alive. I can totally help you with this if you're stuck, but if there's a spot outside that makes you feel full of life and joy, let's go there! Whether that be the beach, a lake, the mountains, a field you grew up running through, I will go wherever you do. I want to tell your story in a place that makes you feel wild and free.

Step four: Gather inspiration! I will always have a list of prompts in my head that are my favorite for inspiring movement and genuine reactions between you and your partner. But like I said before, I want to tell your story. So if you have a pinterest board that you're just dying to recreate, show me!

Step five: relax and have fun. Here's my promise: I know how to make you look good. I'll put you where the light shines best through your hair, and get you laughing and snuggling with your love in no time. Your pictures will turn out great, so just soak in this moment and have fun.

Interested in more tips or just getting to know me? Wanna book a session? Head over to the "book me" page for more information. And, follow me on instagram! Let's be friends.

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