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Mount Baker Washington Elopement

It's warm today in California, and I've found myself dreaming of the mountains in summer. I lived in the northwestern corner of Washington for six years of my life and even though I love being in California, I sure do miss the greens and the mountains. There's just something about being up there in the midst of all that bigness, where the air feels clearer and everything is peaceful. I miss it, so here's an elopement I second shot up at Mount Baker with Anna Joy Photography. Enjoy!

picture gentle water lapping the shore, small birds flying overhead and chattering about the day, and the perfect, cloud-dotted sky.

We had so much fun soaking in the sunshine and running around the mountains! What a beautiful world we live in.

Like what you see? Head to "booking" on my website and lets talk about planning a mountain elopement of your own :)


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