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Picking the Right Wedding Photographer

One of the most important things you will decide on when wedding planning is your wedding photographer. Your photographer is the one who will make every moment of your wedding day something you remember for the rest of your life, something you’ll show your kids when they ask about how mom and dad met and what did their wedding look like. I love photography for this reason, because it captures every fleeting moment. When I look at pictures from my wedding day, I remember the warmth in the air, the way the ocean smelled, the way people laughed and cheered and smiled, the way my husband couldn’t stop tearing up at the altar. There is so much that goes into your wedding day that makes it what it is, and you want that remembered in the best way possible. Which is why you need a photographer that fits you!

But how do you pick the right photographer when there seem to be so, so many? How do you swim through the hundreds of photographers on instagram who all seem to be pretty dang good at what they do? I’m so glad you’re here asking that question, because I’m passionate about two things when it comes to this. One, that there can never be too many photographers. Each person has a unique way of seeing the world and telling your story. And two, that you can totally pick the right photographer if you remember these five things when you begin the process of searching for a wedding photographer.

  1. The biggest, and I mean BIGGEST thing I want you to think about when looking for a photographer is whether or not their photos make you feel something. The kind of something that makes you want to hear more of the story behind those photos. The kind that leaves you coming back for more over and over. And not just one set of photos, all of their work. You want to really scroll through that portfolio and see how their photos look in harsh light or low light. How they photograph families, and how they document love. How does that love come through the screen to you? Do you think that photographer can capture your love in the same way, showing off the nuances and little things that make your relationship the special thing that it is?

  2. The second question you want to ask yourself is: do you like their editing style? I mentioned this a little in the first point, but you want to look at all of their work and make sure you like what it looks like no matter the time of day. Obviously your photographer is a professional and knows how to maximize the lighting no matter what time it is, but golden hour photos always look better no matter what. Fall in love with those golden moments, but don’t get hung up on them. Make sure you’ll love your photos even if it rains all day because every photographer works with light differently.

  3. Third, you want to make sure you mesh! This honestly could be tied for the most important thing you want in a wedding photographer, but since your photos are going to be the biggest thing you take away from your relationship with this person, I think the way you love their photos is sliiiiightly more important. But. Making sure you like your photographer is super super important because you’ll honestly spend more time with them than with anyone else on your wedding day. You want to work well with them. You want to like the way they handle conflict and chaos, because any wedding day will surely have a little bit of those things. You want to trust them, and you want to know that they are on your side no matter what the day brings. Everyone works better with certain types of people, which is why I think this step can’t be missed. Make sure you get on a phone call with as many potential photographers as you can; or, even better, go out to coffee with them and hang out in person. I guarantee most photographers would love to get to know you before you commit, because we want to know we mesh with you too! Your wedding day will be 10000x more fun if we’re friends.

  4. Just as much as you want to trust your photographer, it’s also important that your photographer exemplifies organization and respect for your vision and day too. You want them to be professional, and to have experience photographing weddings. You can make sure of this by looking at their portfolio, and also by asking questions and seeing what their wedding process is like.

  5. Finally, make sure this potential photographer is within your budget! I will encourage you though, to think about what is most important when budgeting for your wedding. 100% I want you to only pay what you can afford, but I also think having a good photographer is so important that if that’s where a lot of your money goes, it is so worth it. Don't forget travel fees too, if you're looking at a photographer who is out of state! Also, don’t be afraid to ask if they’ll work with your budget! I know for me personally, I care so much about you even before we’re friends. If you need a little help affording a photographer, I can totally be flexible and I’m sure others can too.

Getting married will hopefully be one of the best days of your life, and I am so excited for you. I hope you found some helpful information in this post that you’ll take with you as you explore the vast land of wedding photography. Remember to breathe, celebrate this season that you’re in, and as always, don’t be afraid to reach out to me if you have any questions. Have a great day!!


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