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I want to take photos that make you feel something.

I think humanity is so dang cool, and I want to highlight those moments that show us as our truest selves. Really, all I wanna do is go to wide open places with you and be friends. Now what this promises is that I’m NOT going to be your girly, high-pitched-voiced, bestie who’s going to scream “CUUUUTE,” and the top of my lungs every other photo. But it does mean that I will calmly and quietly get you through your wedding day chaos, encourage you to snuggle up and soak it in, and point out the vast beauty that this earth holds while we watch the sun go down together. I'm so much more than just your photographer. Your gallery will be so much more than just a few smiling photos.
That's what I'm all about. 

Now scroll for alllllll the pricing info.

I want to tell your story. 

The color of your eyes, the way your hands tangle in passing. The way you dance to your favorite song. 
I want to wrap all of your memories up so you never, ever forget what the best day of your life feels like.

So here's the thing: I promise to ask lots of questions so that I know who you are, what your relationship looks like. It's how I'll make you comfortable during your session, and how I'll tailor your photos to reflect that magical love of yours. I promise that we'll always be a team, and that I am 100% for you all the way. I promise to play good music. I promise to smile so big when you pull her in and the fireworks go off and everything is perfect and lovely. 

I want to be your photographer because I care about you.

And I promise to be there for all of it.


the experience

it's gonna go down just like this:

1.)  Pick your favorite wedding package, or decide how you want your engagement photos to look.

2.) Head over to the "book me" page and fill out the contact form. It'll take just a minute!

3.) You hear from me the next day, we love each other, and you book me!

4.) We high-five, then you chill while I answer all your questions and we make your day the most magical day ever. You'll also get a gift in the mail ;)

5.) YOU GET MARRIED. I happy-cry the whole day. Your memories are captured forever.
Or, we take the dreamiest, movement-filled, candid enagement/family/anniversary photos ever. 

6.) You'll get your online gallery within 6 weeks so you can post allll the love to your socials.

Okay okay okay I'm so happy you're here! Let's get to it!

Morgan+Anthony FallbrookWedding-261.jpg

Does all this make your heart swell just a little? Then I think it's time for you to inquire, because we're on the same page!
You can do that here.

Lake Powell Elopement 2.Shiloe Noelle Photo-147.jpg


The day that is completely, totally, you. However you're doing it: huge party, intimate elopement, California beachside ceremony, Colorado mountaintop venue-whatever it looks like, you know I'm there. 

I want to be there for you from the moment your day begins, but I know everyone's needs are different. So head to my inquire page + fill out the contact form. Once we talk, we'll figure out the perfect package that fits YOUR day. No one else's.

Packages start at $2,800.00.
Inquire here!

Engagements + anniversaries + life

just got engaged, or wanna post about your anniversary? Just had a cute baby? Really love your dog?
This is my time given for whatever stage in life you're in. Our lives are full of momentous occasions that we should fill albums with the memories of. 

30 minutes for $300 or 1hr for $400, but I love to customize these packages too. 
Inquire so we can talk details!
Travel fees may apply. 

Melissa+Sam San Clemente Engagement session-35.jpg

Adventure Sessions

for when you want your love to be screamed from the mountaintops. My time + expertise given so we can go hiking/kayaking/climbing/snowboarding/whatever it takes to get to a meaningful location outdoors. Perfect for engagement photos or just when you and your boo want to remember what life was like right here and now.

$550 for 2hrs + all the location and planning help you need. Additional hours offered at a discount for adventure sessions.

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