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hey wanna hang out?

My Mission:

Life is full of the most beautiful details. I want to capture your life, your love, and those details in a way that makes your heart swell all over again to be reliving your special moments every time you look at your photos.

my why

Hey, I'm Shiloe. :) 

I wanna set this straight right now: I'm not gonna be your typical bubbly, hype-girl photographer. I work hard not to fit in with that standard. Instead, I want you to be drawn to me because of how much I love love. Because of my steadfast support. Because of my utmost care for YOU. I'm not going to send you fake messages with lots of exclamation points; I'll tell you how it is because I'm all about real life. That's why I adore capturing those small things that make your love and your life unique to you.

And so here's my why: to serve you. To show you how beautiful you are. To make your day a little brighter; and then your home, as you get images to frame on your walls that so perfectly reflect who you are that you'll never forget how in love you were the moment those photos were taken. My why drives my whole life, it's who I am. It's what makes me so excited to work with you. 


I'm here for you because I love to serve. I'm an enneagram 2 and a big introvert. I love to make art with whatever I can get my hands on. I'm detail oriented and sappy. Beautiful things just really touch my soul.


Here's a few fun facts about me: I've moved lots and am not afraid to travel for a session! I also once had a pet snapping turtle, I lived in a tent in Yosemite for a summer, I climb rocks, I broke my back on a bunny hill one time, I have a wilderness first responder cert and I'm planning on getting my wilderness EMT, and I have a secret love for sauerkraut ;) 

Are you ready for the wedding photos of your dreams? Wanna climb mountains for your engagement session? Let's hang out! Hit up the "Contact Me" section below, send me a DM on Instagram, or stalk me on Facebook! Whatever's your jam, we'll make it happen. Just don't forget to say hey!


I am an outdoorsy gal through and through. I mean, I have a degree in outdoor recreation if that says anything. I love backpacking, mountaineering, or just laying in the ocean while the waves rock me back and forth. And, I love the way the outdoors brings people together. So trust me when I say I will literally go anywhere to make your photo dreams come true.

Special discounts for bookings in California, Washington, and any National Park!



another way to love on you

The Referral

All you have to do for step one is tell your friends about me! This helps me bring in more clients (which supports my business and helps me serve more people), and helps you get free things!


The Coffee

Tell a friend, get a coffee on me. Send me a text that you put my name out there and I'll venmo you for a coffee. Easy-peasy.


The Discount

Once that friend of yours books me, you get a discount on a photo session by me for the next two sessions you book (excluding my wedding and elopement packages), or a $100 amazon gift card. All I need is a booking confirmation from them and I'll get ya that discount!

Contact Me


T- 360-922-2745

IG- @shiloeee

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